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Browse our selection of contemporary Italian pottery including Italian pottery bowls and Italian pottery trays and platters. All Italian pottery is handmade in Deruta, Italy and imported by Art & Decor.

Ceramiche Viva is located in Deruta, Italy, in the Umbria region, surrounded by green hills and little medieval towns. Deruta is famous for its ancient ceramic tradition whose origins date back to the thirteenth century.

Nature is the main source of inspiration of Ceramiche Viva’s work. Ceramiche Viva’s pottery conveys the emotions, magic, and simplicity that nature itself conveys through its colors. The images transferred on the pottery pieces are original creations of Italian designer, Daniele Buschi.

Ceramiche Viva’s pottery pieces are designed and created to brighten up everyday life. They are certain to be wonderful conversation pieces for any occasion. Ceramiche Viva pottery is imported from Italy by Art & Decor.

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